Artist’s Statement


“He who would paint a figure, if he cannot become that figure, cannot portray it.”

- Dante

          The nude human form with all its perceived individuality becomes my bridge of empathy to the viewer about universal human conditions. My use of imagery is intuitive and introspective, taken from dreams, social awareness, and the search for spirituality. I am fascinated by what we learn about ourselves, and what we think of others, when we look at the nude form with all its perceived strengths and weaknesses.  What knowledge is available to discern beyond the powerful image of our collective reactions to human sexuality, whether the image is that of a woman or a man?

          I have had the pleasure to work with male and female models of all ages over a period of many years, finding a generous portfolio of images with which to peak my imagination. Whether a simple figure on a color field ground or a figure in nature, figuration is designed for beauty and contemplation.

          I enjoy working with historical techniques and methods in the craft of painting. In my oil paintings, the luminous optics of numerous layers of oil-resin glazes applied in an indirect painting method on two and three dimensional wooden panel supports, create a depth of color and form.  In my traditional encaustic paintings layers of molten beeswax and resin are applied in a hot wax techniques. These materials use separately or together, in both traditional and nontraditional methods, are my tools for creative experimentation.

          I seek to examine and visually reinterpret archetypal myths on the nature of our existence.  The resulting images are meant to contrast what was considered valid symbolism of the past with a contemporary statement.  The male archetypes of “the wise old man”,  “the strong man”, “the fool”, “the prophet”, “the fallen man” and “the fallen angel” have been some of the subjects chosen for speculation.  The female archetypes of “Eve” or the first female, and her roles in creation stories, “the three graces”, “wisdom”, and concepts of motherhood have also been subjects of intrigue.

          Our bodies shelter our humanity.  When we limit the visions of our very selves, we limit the philosophies under which we chose to live.  I am currentlly working on a drawing series basec on the apocraphal tale of “Suzanna and the Elders.”